Marc Levesque

Marc Levesque

CCR Dashboards

A dashboard for measuring and displaying student progress on various skills related to social-emotional learning. Created for a client at Carnegie Mellon University as part of a student capstone project. 

The dashboard mockup that I personally designed.


This project is ongoing until August 2022, and while my formal title is the Project Manager, I am also assisting with the product management and UX research and design roles. 

Project management: I coordinate client meetings, schedules, and budgets. I also set timelines through Agile project management, including creating the Work Breakdown Structures and other project management related materials. I also handling recruiting for interview subjects.

Product management: I synthesize the data we collect from the research and help translate it into effective designs while also making sure that every team member is fully equipped to participate to the best of their abilities. I also work with our lead developer to determine technical possibilities and limitations with regards to turning our existing mockups into fully functional software using JavaScript, React, and other programming languages. 

UX research and design: I lead interviews and was involved in every step of the design process including storyboarding, card sorting, and the actual designing of the dashboards. The dashboard shown above is made entirely by me in Figma and is a mockup of what our dashboard displaying the scores of a single student will look like.