Marc Levesque

Marc Levesque

Lesson With You

A rapidly growing platform for online music lessons. Students sign up for a trial lesson, get hand-matched with a professional teacher, and begin their lessons through Zoom. Payments and scheduling are processed via the website.

Current revenue is $30,000+ per month. Staff consists of one full time employee and roughly 60 teachers as independent contractors.

The above-the-fold content for the homepage of Lesson With You. The full website can be see by clicking the “Link to Website” button above.


As the CEO and a co-founder, my role involves a wide range of responsibilities. These largely fall into the categories of management, design, and marketing.

Management: I oversee the recruiting process of staff and instructors, as well as managing staff through weekly check-ins. I also set policies, ensure that each instructor has ample opportunities for professional development, and so on. I’ve also coordinated the work of various consultants that we’ve worked with over time, such as for SEO and content marketing strategy. 

Design: I personally designed and built the Lesson With You website using a combination of WordPress, Elementor, some JavaScript and CSS, various visual design software, and created integrations and automations with many other services, usually via plugins or REST API’s. This design was supported through qualitative research to determine design objectives, A/B testing of designs, and so on. 

Marketing: Marketing is done primarily through PPC advertising, social media advertising, and building partnerships with influencers and other organizations, all of which I personally play a role in. This is also an iterative process and frequently involves my doing quantitative analysis to determine the business outcomes of our marketing efforts.